Remote Intimacies: Stranger at Home: Xina Xurner, Young Joon Kwak & Christopher Richmond

Stranger at Home is a video and performance assemblage that interpolates a performance by Xina Xurner with Young Joon Kwak and Christopher Richmond’s three-channel video installation Slow Dance (2014). Slow Dance follows a central figure discomfited by, and awkwardly moving through and interacting with an unfamiliar, heteronormative domestic space. She contends with the confinements of absent intimacy, ideas of “home,” and the slow and subtle doom of everyday gendered ennui and dysphoria. The three channels, originally shown in a gallery setting, are recontextualized through the Zoom screen format, imbuing the proceedings with additional layers of distance, isolation, anxiety, and disembodiment. Stranger at Home culminates in Xina Xurner’s doom metal-inspired sonic swirl of distortion, embodying the exhaustion and yearning for intimacy wrought by a year of distancing, not just from others, but, ultimately, from one’s self and one’s domestic and intimate spaces.

Remote Intimacies is a series of new and experimental performances created specifically for online viewing and commissioned and co-organized by the ONE Archives at USC Libraries and the Leslie Lohman Museum of Art in New York.