Space 2, DXIX Projects, November 18 – December 22, 2018

DXIX is pleased to presenSpace 2, an exhibition featuring a new video work by Los Angeles based artist Christopher Richmond. Space 2 concludes an expansive body of work that Richmond calls the Hyperway made up of photography, video, sculpture, and drawing. DXIX presented Richmond’s exhibition Moon-Watcher in 2017, which featured the video Bone Cut(2017) also from Richmond’s Hyperway. Space 2 is part of a 2-part exhibition with Space, taking place simultaneously at Moskowitz Bayse Gallery from November 10 to December 22.

The centerpiece of Space 2 at DXIX is Viewing Stone (2018). Accompanied by an original score by Aileen Bryant, Viewing Stone glimpses a pastoral vision of a desolate asteroid serenely wandering through the vacuum of space. In a series of long slow-motion shots, the camera hones in on the contours of the asteroid’s perforated and wrinkled exterior. As shadows shift and transform its surface, a feeling of tranquility intermingles with foreboding danger. Throughout cinema, asteroids have been confined to apocalyptic symbols of impending doom. Here, the viewer is presented with a far different vision: the juxtaposition of reality and simulation, creation and annihilation, the beginning and the end. Like Suiseki, the Japanese art of stone appreciation, the asteroid is presented as a mystical creation like many of the characters in Richmond’s work, as it slowly travels through space.

Richmond challenges viewers to envision alternative realities and devise their own images and theories of the unknown. In his photographs, drawings, and sculpture, Richmond points to the various narrative strands of his video work. Black holes with gastrointestinal tracts swallow suns, wormholes create highways across space and time, and universes crash into one another like drunken eclipses. With similarity to his video work, Richmond’s photographs, drawings, and sculpture tend to obscure as much as they reveal.