Bone Cut (2017) with Fake Estates Live

Christopher Richmond’s BONE CUT
With Live Score by FAKE ESTATES
In conjunction with Christopher Richmond’s Moon-Watcher, now on view at DXIX Projects through June 3rd, we are excited to present Bone Cut with Live Score by Fake Estates on May 20th at 3:00pm.

From 2016 to 2017, Christopher Richmond culled through a well of original footage to thread together a hypnotic succession of match cuts to create Bone Cut (2017), a poetic reflection on Kubrick’s 2001 and cinema’s relationship with time. After completing his edit, Richmond turned to longtime collaborator, Matt Gangi, to help design the soundscape. One part field recording, one part electronic soundscape, the final composition transports the viewer across a space-time abyss fueled by synthesizer, birds, dissonant crescendos, and wind.

On May 20th, Los Angeles based sound group, Fake Estates (Matt Gangi/Eric Chramosta), will perform a unique and reimagined extended live score to Bone Cut (2017) inspired by Richmond and Gangi’s original score. Armed with parade of synthesizers, cable patches, tape loopers and pedals, the performance will also incorporate amplified mic loops arranged inside and outside the gallery.

Fake Estates is artist/musician, Matt Gangi and Eric Chramosta. Formally known as Gangi, Fake Estates, named after Gordon Matta-Clark’s seminal 1973 work, has performed across the United States and internationally. Recent performances include Faultline and Mirror/House curated by Epicenter Projects and Perpetual Dawn.